The Way Church of Harford County


The Way Church of Harford County is a brand new church plant. We are committed to connecting with God and with people around the table and in the community. That means we are a home-based church of Missional Communities (MC’s). Our first Sunday Gathering was Father’s Day June 18th, 2017. Pastor Keith and his family just moved to Harford County (January 2017) and are just beginning to meet people in the community. This is his second church plant.  So if you are looking for a church, want to be a part of a Church plant, have questions about your faith, and/or are new to Harford County, this would be a great way to dive in at the ground level!

What in the world does missional mean?

Missional is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It’s hard to tell if and when someone understands what the word means when it is used and applied in so many different ways. So the best way to approach this word is to explain what it means to us. Missional and Missionary are two different words with two different meanings. People usually think of missionaries as people who relocate to a foreign country, learn their language, and make disciples among a totally different people group. Missional is where Christians stay right where they are and make disciples in their own neighborhoods. Being missional means that we embrace the Word of God and strive to live it out on a daily basis. It means that we take the Great Commandment and the Great Commission seriously. We do life together throughout the week, not just attend a service on Sunday in a church building. Our church building is wherever we are as we do life together and make disciples.

What are Missional Communities (MC’s)?

Missional communities are more than home Bible studies and small groups. Missional Communities do include Bible study and meet in homes at certain times. Yet an MC is more than that. MC’s strive to do life together on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. They typically meet regularly in homes for a meal, fellowship, and Bible study with discussion. In addition, MC’s look for ways to reach out to people that don’t know Jesus. This can be through serving and blessing their community, neighbors, friends, and families. They tend to find excuses to throw lots of parties throughout the year simply to celebrate and connect with people. Relationships are they key and the glue that holds MC’s together. Moreover, they are always looking to make disciples (in community) as they grow together in their faith. Finally, MC’s also meet in even smaller groups (huddles) for deeper relationship and growing in the faith through accountability and coaching (living the BLESSED life).

Why doesn’t The Way have its own website or APP?

Typically, when people are searching for a church, they check them out on Facebook, on the Web, Apps, and the like. After they initially find a church home, the website becomes unimportant (and often outdated). It is our feeling that people searching for a church need the basic information listed on this page. Everything else needs to be experienced by doing life with us and using the materials on this blog. At this time, The Way Church of Harford County mainly desires to reach people that don’t yet know Jesus and aren’t checking out church websites. We want to reach them one by one through relationships and through their MC’s. However, everyone is welcome! You might have just moved into the area and are looking for a church. So please, feel free to visit us, contact us, and spend some time with us to fully understand what we’re really all about. What we do needs to be EXPERIENCED more than simply explained.

How to find us 

Where are we located?

If you want to find us, it is best to call ahead. We are centered in Pylesville, MD. However, we do not have a typical “church” building. We are not opposed to having one in the future if the need arises, but our MC’s typically meet in homes and other places throughout Harford County at different times and places during the week. In addition, we do not consider “going to church” on Sunday to a geographical location as the goal of the Christian life. We do have a Sunday Gathering where all of our MC’s come together for worship, but that’s not what “going to church” is all about. We also “go to church” when a few of us get together for coffee on a Wednesday morning (in a huddle) to talk about missional living and/or when our MC hangs out together around a fire pit on a Friday night to get to know people that don’t yet know Jesus (The 3 R’s: Reaching, Relating, and Reuniting).

When do we meet?

As stated above, we don’t just have Sunday services. Yet we most likely have something going on to suit your schedule. Our Sunday Gatherings are at 10:30am (10am snacks and coffee) at the Brown House Meadows (5239 Buttermilk Rd, Pylesville). Our MC’s meet at different times and locations during the week. So if you want to find us, it is best to call ahead.

Who can I contact for information about the church?

You can call, text, email, or Facebook Message Pastor Keith Hartlaub (see info at the bottom of this page).

What we believe 

The Way Church of Harford County is a modern missional church that strives to return to the ancient biblical practice of making disciples and living the Christian life as displayed in the Gospels and the book of Acts while remaining relevant to the culture we’re apart of in America today. As much as we’d like to walk around the Sea of Galilee, Ancient Israel, and the Roman Empire, we realize that most people have jobs and lives that prevent that. So we apply biblical principles to our own lives and culture in America. The Way Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and also has a working relationship with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Our beliefs coincide with both organizations. In addition, we also have our own statement of faith, constitution, and Bylaws that we’d be happy to share with those who attend our Membership Class.


How can we give to support this new church plant?

Contact Pastor Keith. Any donations are welcome (one-time donation; weekly; monthly; yearly). The Way is a new church plant. Pastor Keith is bi-vocational for many reasons. The main reason is to get connected with people in the community and to set an example for all believers. If the pastor isn’t willing to do what he asks his people to do, then he shouldn’t be asking them to do it. The second reason is because church planting is neither free nor lucrative. Any support raised helps us to get started, purchase needed supplies and services for the church, support Pastor Keith’s family, and also helps to bless the people of Harford County.

The Way Church of Harford County

Pastor Keith Hartlaub

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Facebook (Keith Hartlaub).