Welcome to The Way!


The Way Church of Harford County is a brand new church. We are committed to connecting with God and with people around the table and in the community. Our first Sunday Gathering was Father’s Day June 18th, 2017. Pastor Keith and his family just moved to Harford County (January 2017) and are just beginning to meet people in the community. This is his second church plant.  So if you are looking for a church, want to be a part of a Church plant, have questions about your faith, and/or are new to Harford County, this would be a great way to dive in at the ground level!

The Way Church is a GREAT place for people who normally don’t like church, have been burned by churches, or don’t fit in with a traditional church or a contemporary mega-church. The Way is simply of a different flavor. We’re like that small mom and pop shop with the personal touch. And since we are a brand new church, we are small! But small is good, personal, relatable, and doable. We don’t just want to entertain a crowd on Sunday morning and go through the motions of worship with people we barely know. We like everybody to know each other. We strive for relationship over religion. We long for being real and authentic rather than pretending we’re something we’re not. We’re all human. We’re all broken. We all make mistakes. Only Jesus can save us.


What kinds of programs does The Way Church offer?

We have one program and one mission. It’s called The Great Commission. Jesus never told us to hold rock concerts, build large buildings, or have kick butt youth programs. He told us to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to do everything He told us to do. So that’s what we focus on. We do study the Bible, pray, and have events, but we do not accomplish those things by inviting people to come to a church service. We do it by going out into the community and getting involved in what the community is already doing. We call it “Living the BLESSED life.” Our program is based on building relationships with people and meeting them where they are. Our example is Jesus! He left heaven to become one of us and reach us. So that’s what we do! And we like to include the WHOLE family.


Where are we located? When do we meet?

Our Sunday Gatherings are at 10:30am (10am snacks and coffee) at The Brown House Meadows (5239 Buttermilk Rd, Pylesville, MD 21132). However, don’t look for a typical “church” building there. You’ll see a big brown house. That’s us! We do not consider “going to church” on Sunday to a specific geographical location as the goal of the Christian life. We are not opposed to having a building in the future if the need arises, but we also meet in homes and other places throughout Harford County at different times and places during the week.

However, our Sunday Gatherings are currently located at The Brown House Meadows. This is where we gather for weekly worship as one church. Yet “going to church” is not limited to a Sunday service or building. We also “go to church” when a few of us get together for coffee on a Wednesday morning to talk about life and/or when we hang out together around a fire pit on a Friday night to get to know people that don’t yet know Jesus (Check out The 3 R’s: Reaching, Relating, and Reuniting). Please also click on the video above for a quick explanation from Pastor Keith about The Way and The 3 R’s.

**Please note. We have no dress code. Wear what you are comfortable wearing. It truly does not matter. Pastor Keith tends to wear something like what you see in the video above (including the hat). We are extremely informal and casual but feel free to dress up, dress down, and/or wear whatever you are comfortable with. The only thing we require is that you wear something! Please do not come to one of our gatherings naked! LOL.


What we believe 

The Way Church of Harford County is a brand new church that strives to return to the ancient biblical practice of making disciples and living the Christian life as displayed in the Gospels and the book of Acts while remaining relevant to the culture we’re apart of in America today. As much as we’d like to walk around the Sea of Galilee, Ancient Israel, and the Roman Empire, we realize that most people have jobs and lives that prevent that. So we apply biblical principles to our own lives and culture in America. The Way Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and also has a working relationship with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Our beliefs coincide with both organizations. In addition, we also have our own statement of faith, constitution, and Bylaws that we’d be happy to share with those who attend our Membership Class.


The Way Church of Harford County

Pastor Keith Hartlaub

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