11415280_643241369146788_2835509413333115905_n(1)The Coffee Shop Pastor Blog consists of devotionals and trainings aimed at equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph.4:11-16) and aimed at Christians living on mission wherever they are. In short, we all can be coffee shop pastors. It’s not just for the paid professionals. God intended that everyone in the local church participates in the mission using their unique gifts in community with other believers. At our church, we call them Missional Communities (MC’s). Regardless of the name, we are trying to be like Jesus in community with other believers.

Having said that, there is something here for everyone. “Unleash” is specifically geared toward training shepherds to be what God intended them to be. Shepherds are designed to care for people, so the goal of unleash is to provide training and tools for them to be able to do that. The idea is that once the shepherds are released in every missional community, the whole church gets shepherded well (by an army of shepherds) instead of burning out a select few who love people but can’t take care of everyone well.

Coffee Shop Talk” is general devotional thoughts aimed at spiritual growth, spurring on spiritual conversations, and encouraging believers in the missional lifestyle. “Truth Bits” is simply Scripture and inspirational quotes to share on social media.

The Blind Pharisee” is dedicated to helping all of us unlearn what we think we already know. There is some Pharisee in all of us who were brought up in a traditional church. Having said that, most Pharisees have no idea that they are Pharisees. They need a little help. So The Blind Pharisee helps us all in our unlearning and aims at helping us all to stop being hypocrites.

Keith Hartlaub is currently the pastor of “The Way Church of Harford County” (a new church plant in MD), a father of four, married to Olivia (of Morning Came Quickly), a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, and a child of God. Keith also believes very deeply that the Philadelphia Eagles will one day win an NFL championship. In fact, he believes that God is an Eagles fan (Isaiah 40:31; Rev.3:7-13). 🙂

olivia and keith